The first full picture of the Express Entry system implemented by Immigration Canada shows that only one in 10 applicants succeed.

Express Entry Canada permanent residency pool profile

More than 112,700 people applied for permanent residency in Canada under the  highly touted new system Ottawa introduced in January only 844 permanent resident visas were issued, including both the principal applicant and family members, and 411 people had arrived in Canada as of July 6, according to the program’s six-month review, reported the Toronto Star.

More than 85 per cent of the 12,017 candidates selected from the pool were already in Canada on temporary permits at the time of the application, reported the Toronto Star. The top five source countries included India, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Ireland and China.

“It is remarkable that only 844 visas have been issued for a
[Express entry] program which has invited over 12,000 people to apply. Within the 844, only 411 have actually used their visas and been admitted to Canada as permanent residents,” said Toronto immigration lawyer Shoshana Green, according to The Star,

“Is 844 visas considered a successful program? With over 85 per cent of the invitations being made for applicants currently residing in Canada, is the world really interested in Canada anymore?”

Here are some of the highlights of the Immigration Canada report on its new Express Entry System:

CIC received profiles from 112,701 potential candidates between January 1 and July 6, 2015.

– A total of 48,723 were not eligible for the pool as they did not meet the minimum criteria for permanent residence based on the Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades or Provincial Nominee Program.

– Out of the 12,928 invitations issued for the period covered by the report, 70% had qualifying scores over 600 points – meaning those candidates had qualifying job offers supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), Labour Market Opinion (LMO) or Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) Certificate.

– The vast majority of candidates (85%) invited to apply through Express Entry were already in Canada.

– Despite issuing 12,928 invitations, only 7,528 completed [Express Entryapplications have been received. Of these completed applications, only 844 permanent resident visas have been issued, and fewer than half of these, 411, have landed in Canada as Permanent Residents.

– There were 41,218 candidates in the Express Entry pool as of July 6, 2015.

Of the candidates still in the [Express entry] pool on July 6, 2015, 87% were clustered around the 300-450 comprehensive ranking score. These candidates do not have LMIA, LMO or PNP nominations and are awaiting CIC to lower their scores for invitations.

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s six-month review, 112,701 [Express Entrycandidate profiles were created as of July 6. Some 48,723 were deemed ineligible, and 6,441 were withdrawn.

Among the 41,218 active [Express Entry] candidates remaining in the [Express entry] pool, more than half, or 27,000 people, had a score between 300 and 399. Only 355 had a score over 600; 51 had a score above 1,000. An immigration agency responding to the report noted “If Citizenship and Immigration Canada is to meet its target of 185,000 primary applicants in 2015, it has a very long way to go.”

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The article indicates more than 112, 700 people applied for permanent residency in Canada under the Express entry system between January 1 and July 6, 2015. Also a total of 48, 723 were not eligible for the pool as they did not meet the minimum criteria and 6, 441 were withdrawn. Giving a total of 55, 164 ineligible or withdrawn Express entry Canada pool profiles. In my opinion, this is significant as 49% or 55,164 (almost half) of Express entry candidates were removed from Canadian permanent residency based on the Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades or Provincial Nominee Program criteria. These persons may have entered their Express Entry profiles incorrectly, were  misinformed or misunderstood. Using a professional can make a big difference on your successful permanent residency to Canada.

Of the candidates still in the Express Entry Canada pool on July 6, 2015, 87% were clustered around the 300-450. The most recent Express Entry draw was August 7, 2015 and Canadian Immigration authorities invited 1402 applicants for permanent residence under Express Entry with a score (CRS) of 471. Does this mean you should not create an Express Entry profile if your score falls below 471? Of course not. Canada has a target of providing permanent residency to 185, 000 persons for 2015. The points required under Express Entry have slowly come down and one would suspect will continue to do so. In fact, the July 17, 2015 Express Entry draw had a requirement of 451 points, less than the August 7, 2015 draw.

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