The number of high-net-worth-individuals (HNWI) applying for secondary citizenship abroad is on the rise, according to new research

Around 8 000 South African dollar millionaires have left the country over the past 15 years looking for citizenship abroad.

They tend to flock towards countries with warmer climates– with the exception of the UK – like Australia, Cyprus, Mauritius, the US and Canada, according to new research conducted by New World Wealth and LIO Global.

Canada Citizenship application

From a global perspective, 125 000 super wealthy individuals relocated to the UK predominantly from eastern European countries, China, India and Africa, while 52 000 people mostly from China, the UK, India and Russia have flocked to the US since 2000.

Singapore has benefited from location – it is near fast-growing HNWI markets such as China, Indonesia and India, it’s low tax structure and the international nature of the city,” the report states.

Overall, China and India have had the biggest outflows of HNWI with 91 000 and 61 000 wealthy people leaving their respective countries over the past 15 years.

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Source: Global migration patterns of the super rich

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