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Are you a recent high school graduate from outside Canada or completed another program of study? Explore the opportunities to study within Canada. Whether you refer to it as a Study Visa, Student Permit, or Student Visa, they all fall under the same application. Delve into further details to enhance your understanding of the process. Unlock your educational possibilities in Canada with valuable insights. Learn more.

Are you inside Canada working? Student with PGWP? Temporary Foreign Worker with LMIA? Then you may be eligible to apply for Permanent Residence. There are 2 categories in Express Entry: Federal Skilled Worker and Canadian Experience Class. Both categories require you to take an English Exam and have different English requirements. Learn more.

Are you inside Canada working? Student with PGWP? Temporary Foreign Worker with LMIA? British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program has several pathways to apply for Permanent Residence. These include: International Graduate (Skilled Immigration or Express Entry), Entry Level and Semi Skilled, Skilled Worker (Skilled Immigration or Express Entry). Learn more.

Do you want to visit Canada? Temporary Resident Visa, Tourist Visa, Family Visa or Parents Visit Visa all mean the same and fall under the same application. Learn more.

Are you a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident and your significant other is not? Do you want to sponsor your significant other to come to Canada? There are two types of applications: Inside or Outside Canada. All are part of Family Class Immigration. Learn more.

Do you have a high net worth with business ownership or management experience? Entrepreneur Immigration, Business Immigration or Investor Immigration means buying a business within Canada for Permanent Residency. Learn more.

Do you have a positive LMIA? Or, are you a student recently completed studies? Or are you working/studying and want your spouse to have a work permit? Post Grad Work Permit, Work Visa, Spousal Work Permit, LMIA Work Permit, Spouse Work Permit all are different kinds of work permits. Learn more.

Have you successfully completed a Caregiver program abroad? Or do you have paid work experience taking care of elderly abroad? Children abroad? Then you may qualify to be work as Caregiver in Canada. Home Child Care Provider take care of Children and most Home Support Worker take care of elderly. Learn more.

Are you an employer wanting to hire a candidate from abroad? Does your business need employees and you can’t find them? Or, are you looking for an employer to support you for PR? Learn more.