For the past few decades the mobility of skilled immigrants Canada has increased significantly as more countries compete to attract the best talent by offering competitive benefits.

skilled immigrants Canada

The war for highly skilled immigrants is a mechanism for Western countries to fill their skills shortage and enhance their human capital resources and thereby sustain their lead in new technology and innovation.

The United States, Australia and Canada are among the destinations of skilled immigrants. Labour mobility, particularly the movement of professionals and scientists, is inevitable including in developing countries.

Today, global migration is mainly dominated by the migration of the well-educated from developing countries to developed countries, which accounts for 80% of all migrants, as a 2011 World Bank report noted.

In earlier studies of such migration, labour mobility with a high level of human capital was believed to be negative for the sending country. The sending country had invested profoundly, the logic went, yet other countries took the advantage of well-educated professionals.

Yet, current research has shown that the country of emigration may also gain from the movement of their citizens. In India, Brazil and China, with emigration rates of less than 20% and a low level of human capital, a brain drain is highly beneficial, according to a 2014 study by Graeme Hugo. Before its brain drain turned into a gain, India also suffered from a trend of a massive number of highly skilled Indians who left the country and worked overseas.

…Malaysia has since 2001 actively sought to attract Malaysian professionals abroad to return home by the introduction of the Returning Expert Program (REP) and establishing TalentCorp under the prime minister. The program offers a 15% flat tax rate for five years, tax exemption for all personal effects brought into Malaysia, tax exempted car and permanent resident status for spouse and children. South Korea is even more competitive in attracting its overseas population by offering tax-free status for certain skilled workers to work in Korea.

Besides facilitating returning professionals with a return option, the brain drain may turn out to be brain gain through formulating a “diaspora option”, as cited by Uwem E Ite in a study published in 2002. The “diaspora option” provides a platform for the overseas population to give back to their homeland through philanthropic purposes without necessarily returning physically either on a permanent or temporary immigration basis.

This perspective offers an alternative for skilled immigrants to keep contributing to the country’s economic transformation through voluntary help to families and relatives in the motherland. From the perspective of the nation, the “diaspora option” is an organised and structured set of policies for the country of origin to access the diaspora’s skills and knowledge, to encourage the overseas population to visit, study, educate or invest regardless of whether they live abroad.

* Nur Aisyah Kotarumalos is a lecturer at the school of sociology, University of North Sumatra, Medan.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insider

Source: How to turn a brain drain into gain – Nur Aisyah Kotarumalos – The Malaysian Inside (click for full article),. ‘How To Turn A Brain Drain Into Gain – Nur Aisyah Kotarumalos – The Malaysian Insider’. N.p., 2015. Web. 27 July 2015.

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Highly skilled individuals from any country have the global employers market available at their fingers tips, in their home countries, on their computers. Computerized Canadian immigration programs such as Express Entry make this skilled immigrants Canada possible.

Competition for highly skilled immigrants Canada is increasing. As the rules and regulations for immigrating to Canada get higher, so is  the level of education and employ-ability skills. As this article indicates, it is not surprising some countries like Malaysia are now offering incentives to entice highly skilled individuals to stay.

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