Whether it’s an application for Canadian visa for your parents, brother, sister, nephew or for any other person, the minimum required documents listed on the document checklist are relatively the same. Does this make sense? Or, do different situations require different (or more) evidence/documents?

Compare this, a young man is ready to submit an application for a Canadian visa to visit with friends versus an elderly retired couple who submits an application for Canadian visa to attend their son’s wedding. Who do you think has a better chance of getting a Canadian visa application approved? The answer is, with the right supporting documents, either application could be approved.

The objective of this comparison is to understand that everybody’s situation is different and all factors should be considered before simply submitting the minimum required documents. As submitting the minimum required documents could be a big mistake for any application to Canada.

You can find the document checklist and the application forms here:

In order to investigate what constitutes a successful application for Canadian visa, common reasons for refusal should be investigated. Here are three common Canadian visa application questions with answers.

1) My parent’s application for Canadian visa was denied. What should I do?

One of the available options is to resubmit a new application for Canadian visa. This new application for Canadian visa must be an improved application. With all the reasons for rejection being addressed. By addressing all the reasons for refusal, you have a better chance of getting your application for Canadian visa approved.

The most common mistake is resubmitting a new application for Canadian visa without addressing all the reasons for denial effectively and efficiently. This has no benefit and will surely get you rejected again.

application for Canadian visa

2) How can I address all the reasons for refusal in my brother’s application for Canadian visa?

There are certain techniques used to conquer and overcome specific application for Canadian visa denial reasons. For example, one technique may be creating a letter specifically designed to overcome a rejection reason. Another method, may be showing evidence of funds available. As everyone’s situation is different, every refusal reason is different. Each situation should be investigated individually to give the best chances at success.

Furthermore, a successful application for Canadian visa does not guarantee entry in to Canada. At the port of entry (POE), Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Officers must be satisfied the visit is of a temporary nature. If an Officer is not satisfied you will return at the end of the authorized period for your stay, you will not be allowed entry.

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