Travelling to India has never been easier thanks to the new e-Tourist Visa Canada.

India is welcoming more Canadians to India this coming season with the e-Tourist Visa Canada being made available to Canadian citizens. During his inaugural bilateral visit to Canada in April 2015, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that Canada would be added to a list of countries eligible for the visa on-arrival program. In the past, Canadians were required to apply in-person at one of the Indian consulates, enduring a labourous process that oftentimes deterred aspirational travellers from visiting. As of May 1st, clients visiting India for recreation and sightseeing can now simply apply online, upload their passport info, pay the US$62 fee, and travel to India with their printed e-Toursit visa (eTV) and have it stamped when they arrive at immigration. For more details on the program, go to

E-tourist visa Canada application

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“With the Indian booking high season fast approaching, we are delighted with this new visa on-arrival program being made available to clients where we can provide them a seamless Luxury Gold all-inclusive journey,” said Cris David, president, Insight Vacations Canada. “By allowing Canadian passport-holders to obtain visas when they arrive at airports in India, we look forward to welcoming more guests to this exotic and diverse country including Kolkata as our newest destination.”

Source: Insight Vacations Offers New Classical India with Kolkata Luxury Gold Itinerary (click here for full article)

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It appears while some countries, like India are making the visa application process easier. Other countries, such as Canada are introducing more Canadian visa requirements. For example, all visa applications to Canada will soon require bio metrics (2018-19). Moreover, visa exempt  travelers to Canada by airport will soon need an  electronic travel authorization (ETA).

This ETA, in my opinion, is a solution to the number of visa exempt visitors to Canada denied entry. With person being pre-screened, it will cut down on wait times and reduce government/tax payer costs. An example cost is the return air fare the Canadian government would pay to send someone back to their visa exempt country of residence. Also, this ETA benefits those who are visa exempt and unsure about their inadmissibility to Canada. Instead of learning at the airport and having to return home unexpected.

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