Source: The foreign students who say they were lured to Canada by a lie – The Globe and Mail

“International students say Canadian private colleges use agents working on commission, both here and overseas, who persuade student recruits that paying tens of thousands of dollars in tuition is the easiest way to get into Canada and work toward becoming a permanent resident.

In some cases, recruits say they signed up for courses they weren’t interested in or didn’t plan to attend because all they really wanted was a student work permit so they could get a job as soon as they arrived.

The criticism of private colleges comes after a recent Globe and Mail investigation reported that recruiters exploit foreign nationals for their money, their labour or both. The cases The Globe looked at affected more than 2,000 people who were told – often falsely – that if they gave recruiters huge fees to arrange jobs or college placements, they would be set for life in Canada.”

““The [recruiters] make us fake promises like it is good in Canada, you can get your work permit, and it’s all not true,” he said. “The whole experience was really bad. Lots of people misguided me. They just use us, right?””

“The number of Canadian study permits granted to foreign nationals has jumped 40 per cent in recent years, to 358,190 last year, from 219,195 in 2015. Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen has boasted that these students added some $15-billion to the Canadian economy last year alone.

We are contributing and attracting the best and the brightest from around the world to contribute to our economic growth,” Mr. Hussen said recently in Ottawa.

Applications from international students accelerated after Canada relaxed its rules five years ago to allow them to work off campus, part-time, immediately upon arrival. The students’ spouses may be eligible to apply for open work permits, which allow them to work full-time for any employer.

Federal data show immigration officials rejected more than one-third of all study permit applications last year, up from one quarter five years ago, because visa officers increasingly don’t believe foreign nationals will return home after studying.”

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