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The term live in or in home Caregiver are deceiving. Although, many people still use the term live-in or in-home Caregiver, the new regulations allow Caregivers to live out of the family’s home. Giving more options to Caregiver sponsorship applications and to Canadian families. Be very careful when using these terms, especially in your advertising. For the purposes of this article, these terms will be used interchangeably.

Here are some common questions about the live in out, Caregiver sponsorship Canada program:

1) How much do I need to pay a live in or live out Caregiver?

At this time the salary required to employ a live in or in home Caregiver is usually around minimum wage. However, the more experience and qualifications a foreign caregiver has, the more likely they will be paid more. Also, the minimum live out Caregiver sponsorship Canada wage requirement varies from province to province. So, verify the minimum live in-out Caregiver sponsorship Canada wage requirement in advance. If you advertise a live out or in home Caregiver sponsorship Canada position for less than the minimum required wage amount, your application will be denied.

Caregiver sponsorship Canada application

2) What are the application costs for a live in or live out Caregiver sponsorship Canada?

For a successful live in, live out caregiver sponsorship Canada application, a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is required. The application fee for an LMIA is $1,000. This caregiver sponsorship Canada LMIA application requires advertising in different forms of media (such as print, online or other). An experienced immigration professional can provide a better advertising cost estimate.

3) The live out, in home Caregiver sponsorship Canada application is a two-step process?

First, a Caregiver sponsorship Canada Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) approval is required. With Caregiver LMIA approval, the second step is the Caregiver work permit application. Furthermore, there is a separate Caregiver sponsorship Canada work permit application fee.

Caregiver sponsorship Canada application

4) How long does the Caregiver sponsorship Canada application process take?

First, there is the Caregiver sponsorship Canada LMIA application advertising of 30 days minimum. Then, the Caregiver LMIA application preparation, which takes time. Lastly the submission of the Caregiver LMIA application, which takes time to be received in the mail (or fax). Then the actual processing time of the Caregiver sponsorship Canada LMIA application. If the application is approved, then you must apply for a Caregiver work permit. Work permit processing times vary (right now they are about 4 months).

An estimated approximate total Caregiver sponsorship Canada application processing time of about 5.5 to 6 months.

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